Nathanael Beisiegel

Developer and front-end developer.


SVG ❤’s You

A heartwarming Ruby gem to help inline, symbolize, and use SVG through view helper methods.

SVG ❤’s You

  • Copy and paste SVG code no longer! Simply edit original SVG files and let this gem inline or symbolize them for you.
  • Intergrates with Rails and Middleman, and works with standalone Ruby
  • Well tested and flexible API
  • Github Repository


A web application for friendly betting between friends. The 2014 intern group project at Viget.


A single-page web app for creating and viewing timelines, built with React.js and Rails.

SceneKit — OpenGL Shaders

An iOS demo for injecting OpenGL shader fragments into SceneKit.

SceneKit — OpenGL Shaders


A hexagon-based, real-time game built with Node.js.

Haxxor News

A Hacker News clone built during my Viget internship to pick up Rails skills through test driven development.

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