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  1. Implementing an API Gateway with GraphQL: Practical implementation advice

    Discussion of concepts in the GraphQL API Gateway open-sourced at Kapost.

  2. Implementing an API Gateway with GraphQL: Resolution strategies

    Resolution strategies you should consider when resolving requests over REST in an API Gateway.

  3. Design v.s. implementation failures

    When making technical decisions, we should be careful to distinguish between design and implementation failures.

  4. Components: Delegate often and well.

    Delegation (Render Props) is a tried and true pattern. Thoughts on using it more frequently and effectively.

  5. Weeds—the universal React/Redux boilerplate from Kapost

    An example of our original application base for our front-end apps at Kapost.

  6. Organizing large React applications

    Some thoughts on how to organize non-trivial React apps to support code-splitting and findability.

  7. Transitioning to Flux architecture

    Post about using Flux Architecture in an existing 2015-era Backbone application

  8. Making the most of your internship

    Final blog post made during during my 2014 development internship at Viget.